Service and Rates


During this session:


  • A thorough nutrition assessment of your eating habits, exercise habits, family history, medical history and weight history will be conducted.

  • The dietitian will then work with you to set goals and develop an individualized nutrition plan.

  • Your Food Intake Record will be reviewed and practical suggestions provided based on your goals.

  • Free resources and materials to help you get started.

FOLLOW-UP VISITS (45 min) - $75

During this session:


  • Follow up sessions are designed for weigh ins, questions, modifying the meal plan if needed, sharing recipes and discussing relevant nutrition topics such as emotional eating and metabolism.

  • It is strongly recommended that you book at least 1 follow-up visit with the initial assessment so your progress can be assessed and and you receive the proper support and guidance necessary to be successful. Follow-up sessions are important, as the dietitian will help you stay focused and motivated while working towards your goals.


Do you feel like your pantry, cupboards and fridge need a makeover?

  • During this session, the Registered Dietitian will come to your home, do a thorough assessment of your kitchen cupboards, pantry, fridge and freezer and provide advice on organizing and stocking your kitchen in a way that is conducive to healthy eating.

  • You will also learn how to read food labels.


During this session:

  • The Registered Dietitian will take you on a 60-90 minute tour of a grocery store of your choice

  • You will learn how to efficiently navigate around the grocery store and avoid common pitfalls of shopping

  • You will also be able to read food labels and make informed food choices from each food group for you and your family.


Cost - $275

  • Includes 1 initial assessment and 2 follow-up visits

  • This package is best suited for individuals who have specific nutrition goals and want extra guidance and support to stay motivated and on track.



Cost- $425

  • Includes 1 initial assessment, 2 follow-up visits and a Kitchen Makeover

  • Condition-specific supporting resources and materials provided

  • This package is best suited for those who have specific nutrition goals and are motivated to make changes to achieve them.


Cost - $650 BEST VALUE!

  • Includes 1 initial assessment, 3 follow-up visitsKitchen Makeover, Grocery Store Tour

  • This package is best suited for individuals who have specific nutrition goals and are motivated to make changes for long term success. If you are looking for ongoing support, guidance and motivation to support you in your journey, this package is for you.

  • Ideally suited for weight loss and long term goals

  • Condition-specific supporting resources and materials provided

  • Email support provided

Build your own custom package by choosing from the services offered. Contact us with the services you desire and we will meet your needs by putting together a custom package just for you!

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